About Us

We are a family living in 3 households in Uppsala, Sweden.
In the first household lives Natalie with her fiancé and children.
 In the second household lives Denise.
Natalie and Denise are sisters and owners of the kennel.
And in the third household lives Tina and Erling, they are the parents of Natalie and Denise.
Our family have a big animal interest and we have got a lot of different animals in the past.
All of our animals are first of all members of the family and our pets.
Then we like to go on shows and show up our dogs and chinchillas.

Our first Chinese Crested dog came to our home in April 2006.
In January 2010 we got our breeding name for our kennel.
Our first litter of pups come in April 2010.
We are breeding on healthy dogs with good temperament and exterior.

The chinchilla interest starts in 1998 and our first baby was born in April 2000.
We became a registrated breeder in SCAF-The Swedish Chinchillabreeders Association in 2001.
The animals in our breeding are in good health, temperament and exterior.
In our breeding work we are taking in new genes from other part of the world and also using the old genes from Sweden.
We are breeding chinchillas for our own breeding work, shows and of course lovely pets. 
At the moment we are not breeding chinchillas, but maybe we will start again in a few years.