Proud Pony Key To Success

Sex: Male
Born: 16/5 2007
Breeder: Åsa & Tua Lagerstam

Reg: S43707/2007

e. SK CH, DK UCH Taijan Dreamer Emotion
u. SE UCH, DK UCH Proud Pony Worth Waiting For

PLL Clear by default

               Cerf clear 21/8 2015             

Cerf clear 29/9 2014
Cerf clear 23/9 2013
Cerf clear 10/5 2012

Cerf clear 14/6 2011
Cerf clear 24/9 2009
Patella 0/0 24/9 2009



       1xBOS veteran         

10 xExcellent
1x1th place in openclass

Sandviken Högbo 110918 Excellent
Judge: Denis Kuzelj, Hungury
Correct type and size. Nice head with excellent ears. Scissors bite, long neck. Compact body with deep chest. Correct angulation, correct movement.

Gimo 110910 Excellent
Judge: Anna Brankovic, Serbia
Correct size and format typical masculine head, correct earset. And carrige nize neck. Good topline. Tailset and carrige well. Developed cheast. Typical angulation and movement.

Vallentuna 110528 Excellent
Judge: Dupas Jean Jaques, France
Masculine. Well balanced. Masculine head with good bite. Very good eyes. Long ears. Strong neck and front. Excellent chest. Good angulation behind. Excellent skin. Moved free.